The One Eyed Cardiac Surgeon !!

One eyed cardiac surgeon! Can you believe!! I don’t even imagine in my wildest  dream ever!!!

In 1938, at Boston Children’s Hospital, a 7 year old girl underwent a ligation of the patent ductus arteriosus, the first surgery of its kind ever performed. It was Dr. Robert E. Gross who in the absence of his boss performed a landmark surgery.

Gross after this milestone operation was unstoppable, many unique pioneering operations in his name still reminds us his name.

He changed the era of cardiac surgery to a level up and retired with lots of awards and distinctions. Behind all his achievement there was a truth. That is , “He was a liar.” Liar will be a bad word to say. But he has managed to hide his facts from the society where all have their eyes wide open.

An opthalmolofist, when consulted for his vision, he was amazed after he finishes his ophthalmic check up. The whole world was perplexed when he spoke out. This pioneer doctor, who had done so much for the medical profession, was an one eyed man. The other eye had infantile cataract. All operations, pioneering works and landmark surgeries had been done in one eye.

Gross had hidden this fact, till that time, from his friends and relatives, out of social stigma, the fear of people knowing a surgeon working in one eye. History will ever admire such beautiful eyes.


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