Cardiac Surgery in Post Hemimandibulectomy for Oral Cancer

A 58 year old non-diabetic and normotensive male patient presented to the hospital with complaints of breathlessness and history of pre syncope since 4 months.

Fig 1: Old scar mark of the Pectoralis Major Myocutaneous flap for oromandibular reconstruction for oral cancer. Frest chest wound of the present midsternotomy.

He was diagnosed with Severe AS, Severe AR, Moderate MR, Severe TR and AF.

The features need discussion is about his unilateral appearance of beard. After Pectoralis Major Myocutaneous Flap on the right, he had normal appearance of beard on both side initially but later he had only beard on the healthy side, i.e, the left.




Fig 2: Unilateral appearance of the beard on the healthy side after oromandibular reconstruction done 7 years back.

History revealed initially he had also hairs inside his mouth. He had received radiation therapy and probably this is the reason of non appearance of beard on the affected side.

He had underwent Hemi-mandibulectomy  7 years back for oral cancer. He was evaluated and underwent Aortic Valve replacement with Tricuspid Ring Annuloplasty.

His post operative recovery was normal. Respiratory effort was normal as he was performing incentive spirometry very well. Will be discharged in a day or two.


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