CABG in Pectus Carinatum Chest

Fig 1: Chest wound 4 days after corny artery bypass grafting

A 48 year old non diabetic non hypertensive patient came to hospital with complaints of intermittent chest pain since 1 month which was insidious in onset gradually progressive, increased on exertion and relieved by rest. His ECG showed ST changes. Coronary Angiography  done which showed triple vessel coronary artery disease.

He was a small stunted man with history of fall in childhood. He has short neck with pectus carinatum ( pigeon chest)-Fig 1 and Fig 2.

Sternum was short but wide. Left internal mammary harvesting was abnormal course but harvested well with precision and given to left anterior descending artery.  Rest of the grafts were Long Saphenous Veins.

Fig. 2: Chest wound 4 days after coronary artery bypass grafting. Side view with clearly seen short sternum with pectus carinatum chest.

Recovery was uneventful with normal wound healing. The photos were taken at the time of discharge.







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